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Breast Surgical Oncologist

Choose a Surgeon Who Specializes in the Breast

Once you have been told that you have breast cancer or might have breast cancer, you will be referred to a surgeon. There are many doctors who perform breast cancer surgery, but most do not specialize in breast cancer. They may just do a handful of cases a year.

It is recommend that you choose a breast surgeon who:

  • Specializes in breast cancer – This demonstrates a commitment and expertise in treating this disease; breast surgeons will be more up to date on the latest surgical techniques than general surgeons who may not focus entirely on breast cancer surgery)
  • Has done a breast surgical fellowship –  Recently, breast fellowship programs have been developed to provide additional breast-related surgical training. However, the majority of general surgeons (and for that matter some breast surgeons) in this country have not completed a breast fellowship as these programs are relatively new.
  • Performs many breast cancer surgeries each year – High volume surgeons tend to have better results and are more attuned to subtle differences in individual cases. Research shows that patients of breast surgeons who perform a very large volume of breast cancer surgeries have a higher survival rate than patients of lower volume surgeons. Seek out a physician who does 50 or more breast cancer operations a year, and preferably more than 100. It is important to mention that these are breast cancer surgeries (lumpectomies and mastectomies), not breast surgeries. Only breast cancer treatments should be counted in these numbers—not excisional biopsies.
Dr. Rable is a breast surgical oncologist who has specialized in breast cancer for more than 15 years. A board certified general surgeon, Dr. Rable completed her general surgery residency and a fellowship in breast disease at the University of Oklahoma Institute for Breast Health in Oklahoma City. Dr. Rable devotes her entire Oklahoma City surgical practice to the care of patients with breast conditions. All of her continuing education and research is dedicated to offering the latest, most advanced options for breast surgery and the treatment of breast cancer.