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10900 Hefner Pointe Dr.
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  (405) 552-0400

What is a Breast Surgeon?

Once you have been told that you have breast cancer or might have breast cancer, you will be referred to a surgeon. There are many doctors who perform breast cancer surgery, but most do not specialize in breast cancer. They may  just do a handful of cases a year. It is recommend that you choose a breast surgeon who:

  • Is recognized as a breast surgical oncologist
  • Specializes in breast cancer – This demonstrates a commitment and expertise in treating this disease...


Tiny Radioactive Seed Makes a Big Impact in Breast Cancer Surgery

OKC, Oklahoma July 2016 - Lakeside Women’s Hospital, part of the INTEGRIS network, is the first facility in Oklahoma to offer a new, more patient-friendly approach to pinpointing and removing very small breast cancers.

The innovative procedure is called radioactive seed localization. Using a mammogram or ultrasound for guidance, Charles Groves, M.D., a breast radiologist and medical director of the INTEGRIS Comprehensive Breast Center of Oklahoma, uses a thin needle to place a tiny metal seed into the breast to mark the exact location of the cancer. The implanted seed contains a small amount of radiation that helps the surgeon locate the area of abnormal tissue during surgery when it is too small to be seen or felt by hand.

“Until now, patients with such small breast cancers were required to undergo a procedure called breast needle localization, in which we would insert a wire into the breast to map the location of the cancer,” says Groves. “The wire remained in the breast, projecting out of the skin for several hours until the surgery. The wire was used to guide the surgeon during the operation.”